There Ain’t No Party Like a Eurovision Party!

Eurovision may be cancelled for 2020, but the show goes on as Aldi has suggested its top tipples to bring a taste of pop culture to shoppers’ homes and get fans in the spirit. 

With the BBC hosting a night of Eurovision fun on Saturday 16th May, Aldi has paired the top five countries from last year’s contest with a selection of its award-winning spirits. Perfect to enjoy during your virtual Eurofizzion party. With all bottles costing less than £16, there’s no excuse to not get the party started!

Eurovision countdown:


Haysmith’s Strawberry & Peppercorn Gin (£15.99, 70cl)

New to the Haysmith’s range, this elegantly smooth gin bursts with strawberry and botanical flavours. The strawberry notes provide a nod to one of Norway’s favourite fruits, whilst the peppercorn packs a spicy punch giving shoppers the ultimate experience – much like KEiiNO’s powerful 2019 performance. Let the Eurovision party be-gin!

Strawberry & Peppercorn Gin


The Infusionist Strawberry Lemonade Gin Liqueur (£11.99, 50cl) 

In collaboration with Didsbury Gin, this sharp but sweet gin liqueur is berry vibrant and upbeat, much like Luca Hänni’s 2019 performance. What’s more, its bright shimmery red colour matches perfectly with Switzerland’s iconic red flag. This sweet treat is best enjoyed on its own or with a splash of lemonade for spring sipping. 


Tamova Cloudy Apply Vodka (£12.99, 50cl)

New to Aldi’s spirit range, this limited-edition tipple has the perfect balance of sweet and crisp apple with strong juicy flavours. With vodka being Russia’s signature spirit and apples being one of the countries favourite fruits, Tamova Cloudy Apple Vodka is the ultimate pairing. The apples offer an alternative twist on the classic, much like Sergey Lazarev’s edgy performance. Serve a generous pour over ice, topped with soda water or elderflower tonic – vodYAS!


Bellucci Amaretto (£4.69, 70cl) 

An Amaretto is a classic Italian liqueur and this spirit has sweet notes of peach and apricot, which compliments its nutty almond flavours. With a sophisticated marzipan finish, Bellucci Amaretto is just as stylish as Italian runner up, Mahmood.  Shoppers will go nuts for this tipple, as it can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail for a real taste of the Italian lifestyle.


Greyson’s London Dry Gin 1L (£14.19, 1L) 

It may be called London Dry Gin, but this gin is more similar to the traditional Dutch drink, Genever than you might think. And it’s only right to place an award winner at the top of the list, like the Netherlands found itself last year. Want to add some drama to this gincredible spirit? Try mixing in blackberries and mint – a tasty tipple to enjoy while watching past winners get crowned.